Interface UpdateListener

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public interface UpdateListener
The listener interface for receiving SQL update events.

Concrete implementations are defined in the file.

A built in and ready to use class that doesn't require any coding is included: Multiple UpdateListener may be defined and chained in property value by separating class names by a comma.
When UpdateListener classes are chained, all of them are successively executed in the declared order.
Nicolas de Pomereu
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void updateActionPerformed​(SqlEvent sqlEvent, Connection connection)
    Invoked when a SQL update event is successfully executed.
  • Method Details

    • updateActionPerformed

      void updateActionPerformed​(SqlEvent sqlEvent, Connection connection) throws IOException, SQLException
      Invoked when a SQL update event is successfully executed.
      sqlEvent - the SQL update event that is successfully processed
      connection - the Connection in use for the SQL update event
      IOException - if an IOException occurs
      SQLException - if a SQLException occurs