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org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth
Provides an interface and concrete ready to plug-and-play implementations in order to authenticate remote client users.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.crypto - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.crypto
Provides an interface in order to decrypt with a password the Properties encrypted in the file.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.headers - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.headers
Provides an interface in order to authenticate client user using request headers.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.blob - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.blob
Provides classes and interfaces to download or upload Blobs/Clobs.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.connectionstore - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.connectionstore
Provides classes to manage the JDBC Connections stored in memory on server side.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall
Provides interface and default implementation for SQL firewalling.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger
Provides interface and default implementation for triggers when SqlFirewallManager instances detect an attack.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener
Provides update listener interface and classes that allow triggering actions following a successful database update.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.logging - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.logging
Provides interface and default implementation for Loggers.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session
Provides classes to define how client sessions are managed.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util
Provides utility classes.
org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.web - package org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.web
Provides class to start and stop the embedded Web Server from a Java program.
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