AceQL HTTP C# Client SDK v7.7

IsolationLevel Enumeration

Specifies the transaction locking behavior for the remote connection.

Namespace:  AceQL.Client.Api
Assembly:  AceQL.Client (in AceQL.Client.dll)


public enum IsolationLevel


Member nameDescription
Unspecified A different isolation level than the one specified is being used, but the level cannot be determined.
ReadUncommitted A dirty read is possible, meaning that no shared locks are issued and no exclusive locks are honored.
ReadCommitted Shared locks are held while the data is being read to avoid dirty reads, but the data can be changed before the end of the transaction, resulting in non-repeatable reads or phantom data.
RepeatableRead Locks are placed on all data that is used in a query, preventing other users from updating the data. Prevents non-repeatable reads but phantom rows are still possible.
Serializable A range lock is placed, preventing other users from updating or inserting rows into the dataset until the transaction is complete.