AceQL HTTP C# Client SDK v7.7

ConnectionInfo Members

The ConnectionInfo type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ToString
Returns a [System.String] that represents this instance. ConnectionString is not returned and password is zeroed with *.


  Name Description
Public property ConnectionString
Gets or the connection string used to connect to the remote database.
Public property CreationDateTime
Gets the creation date and time of the Connection.
Public property Database
Gets the current remote database in use.
Public property EnableDefaultSystemAuthentication
Gets a value indicating whether default system authentication is enabled.
Public property EnableTrace
Gets a value indicating whether trace is enabled
Public property GzipResult
Gets the value indicating whether SQL result sets are returned compressed with the GZIP filePath format before download. Defaults to false.
Public property IsNTLM
Says if NTLM is in use.
Public property ProxyCredentials
Gets the proxy credentials.
Public property ProxyUri
Gets the proxy URI.
Public property Server
Gets the remote server.
Public property SessionId
Gets the AceQL Server Session ID.
Public property Timeout
Gets the time to wait in milliseconds while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error. If value is 0, [System.Net.Http.HttpClient] default will value be used.
Public property UseCredentialCache
Gets a value indicating whether the credential cache is used.
Public property Username
Gets the username.