AceQL HTTP C# Client SDK v7.7

ForeignKey Members

The ForeignKey type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Equals
Determines whether the specified [System.Object] is equal to this instance.
Public method GetHashCode
Returns a hash code for this instance.
Public method ToString
Retourne une chaîne qui représente l'objet actif.


  Name Description
Public field Static member importedKeyCascade
The imported key cascade
Public field Static member importedKeyInitiallyDeferred
The imported key initially deferred
Public field Static member importedKeyInitiallyImmediate
The imported key initially immediate
Public field Static member importedKeyNoAction
The imported key no action
Public field Static member importedKeyNotDeferrable
The imported key not deferrable
Public field Static member importedKeyRestrict
The imported key restrict
Public field Static member importedKeySetDefault
The imported key set default
Public field Static member importedKeySetNull
The imported key set null


  Name Description
Public property Catalog
Gets or sets the catalog.
(Inherited from CatalogAndSchema.)
Public property Deferrability
Gets or sets the deferrability.
Public property DeleteRule
Gets or sets the delete rule.
Public property ForeignKeyCatalog
Gets or sets the foreign key catalog.
Public property ForeignKeyColumn
Gets or sets the foreign key column.
Public property ForeignKeyName
Gets or sets the name of the foreign key.
Public property ForeignKeySchema
Gets or sets the foreign key schema.
Public property ForeignKeyTable
Gets or sets the foreign key table.
Public property KeySequence
Gets or sets the key sequence.
Public property PrimaryKeyColumn
Gets or sets the primary key column.
Public property PrimaryKeyName
Gets or sets the name of the primary key.
Public property PrimaryKeyTable
Gets or sets the primary key table.
Public property Schema
Gets or sets the schema.
(Inherited from CatalogAndSchema.)
Public property UpdateRule
Gets or sets the update rule.