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acceptsURL(String) - Method in class
Retrieves whether the driver thinks that it can open a connection to the given URL.
AceQLBlob - Class in com.aceql.jdbc.commons
Blob implementation.
AceQLClob - Class in com.aceql.jdbc.commons
Clob implementation.
AceQLConnection - Class in com.aceql.jdbc.commons
Provides a Connection implementation that enable to use a virtual JDBC Connection that is mapped to a Server JDBC Connection in order to access a remote SQL database through HTTP.
AceQLDriver - Class in
The AceQL JDBC Driver class in order to access remote SQL databases through HTTP from Android or Java desktop programs.

user, password and database are the only required properties.
AceQLDriver() - Constructor for class
AceQLException - Exception in com.aceql.jdbc.commons
Wrapper class for Exceptions thrown on client side or server side.
AceQLException(String, int, Throwable, String, int) - Constructor for exception com.aceql.jdbc.commons.AceQLException
Builds an AceQLException that wraps/traps an Exception.
allProceduresAreCallable() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.metadata.JdbcDatabaseMetaData
allTablesAreSelectable() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.metadata.JdbcDatabaseMetaData
autoCommitFailureClosesAllResultSets() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.metadata.JdbcDatabaseMetaData
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