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length() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.AceQLBlob
length() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.AceQLClob
LimitsInfo - Class in com.aceql.jdbc.commons
A simple shortcut class that contains main remote database limits info: maxRows: the maximum number of SQL rows that may be returned to the client by the AceQL server. maxBlobLength: the maximum length allowed for a Blob upload.
LimitsInfo(LimitsInfoDto) - Constructor for class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.LimitsInfo
locatorsUpdateCopy() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.metadata.JdbcDatabaseMetaData
logout() - Method in class com.aceql.jdbc.commons.AceQLConnection
Calls /logout AceQL HTTP API on server side.
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