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JdbcLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger
A trigger that will INSERT the SqlEvent info and the sqlFirewallManager class name into a aceql_denied_request SQL table.
JdbcLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger.JdbcLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger
JdbcPasswordEncryptor - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth
Tooling class that allows to generate to hashed/encrypted passwords for JdbcUserAuthenticator.
JdbcPasswordEncryptor(File) - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.JdbcPasswordEncryptor
Default constructor.
JdbcUserAuthenticator - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth
A concrete UserAuthenticator that allows zero-code remote client (username, password) authentication using a JDBC query run against an SQL table.

The request that is executed is defined in the jdbcUserAuthenticator.authenticationQuery property in the file.
JdbcUserAuthenticator() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.JdbcUserAuthenticator
JsonLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger
A trigger that will log using JSON format the SqlEvent info and the sqlFirewallManager class name.
JsonLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.firewall.trigger.JsonLoggerSqlFirewallTrigger
JsonLoggerUpdateListener - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener
Concrete implementation of UpdateListener.
JsonLoggerUpdateListener() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener.JsonLoggerUpdateListener
JwtSessionConfigurator - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session
Session management using self-contained JWT (JSON Web Token).
JwtSessionConfigurator() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session.JwtSessionConfigurator
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