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validate(Map<String, String>) - Method in interface org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.headers.RequestHeadersAuthenticator
Allows to check/validate the request headers as a mean of client authentication.
verifySessionId(String) - Method in class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session.DefaultSessionConfigurator
This implementation: Verify that the sessionId exists Verify that the sessionId is not expired (must be less that 12 hours).
verifySessionId(String) - Method in class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session.JwtSessionConfigurator
Performs the verification against the given JWT Token, using any previous configured options.
verifySessionId(String) - Method in interface org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.session.SessionConfigurator
Verify that this session id corresponds to an existing and is still valid (non expired).
Version - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util
Allows to get version info.
Version() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util.Version
VERSION - Static variable in class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth.crypto.PropertiesEncryptor
DefaultVersion of PropertiesEncryptor
VerySimpleFormatter - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util
A very simple formatter on one line Stolen on
VerySimpleFormatter() - Constructor for class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util.VerySimpleFormatter
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