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updateActionPerformed(SqlEvent, Connection) - Method in class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener.JsonLoggerUpdateListener
Logs using JSON format the SqlEvent and the SqlFirewallManager class name into a Logger with parameters: Name: JsonLoggerUpdateListener File name pattern: user.home/.kawansoft/log/JsonLoggerUpdateListener_%d.log.%i (example of file created: JsonLoggerUpdateListener_2022-07-01.log.1.). Pattern of each line of log: "%msg%n" Maximum File Size: 300Mb Total Size Cap: 30Gb These default values may be superseded by creating a file in user.home/.kawansoft/conf.
updateActionPerformed(SqlEvent, Connection) - Method in interface org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener.UpdateListener
Invoked when a SQL update event is successfully executed.
UpdateListener - Interface in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.listener
The listener interface for receiving SQL update events.
upload(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, File, long) - Method in interface org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.blob.BlobUploadConfigurator
Method that will do the effective upload.
upload(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, File, long) - Method in class org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.blob.DefaultBlobUploadConfigurator
Simple upload of file into user directory.
UserAuthenticator - Interface in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.auth
Interface that defines how to authenticate a remote client that wants to create an AceQL session.
UsernameConverter - Class in org.kawanfw.sql.api.server.util
Usernames must be converted by replacing Windows characters, because they are used as directory names when uploading/downloading Blobs.
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